Construct the Gantt chart displays the related work and the percentage of execution.

Create a chart that would dynamically change when new data is added to the source table.

Often the chart you want to display all of the data, but only part, and the user should be able to choose the position and size of the viewport. To build such a diagram you can use the function OFFSET().

the article multi-level linked list considered a 3-tier list. The elements of each level there are on separate sheets. It is not always convenient: when creating 4-and 5-level lists is dramatically increasing the number of involved columns. In this article will form a linked list from a single table.

the Handbook consists of two tables: a reference table, in rows which contained detailed notes on some objects (employees, goods, Bank details, etc.) and a table that records the data associated with these objects. Putting the cell on a keyword, for example, the name of the person or the product code, can be derived in the adjacent cells additional information from the reference table. In other words, the structure of the Directory reduces the amount of manual input and reduces the number of misprints.

Write the number in words in Excel no VBA. Supporting bands will be place in your personal macro workbook. In addition, add RUB/kop. for recording monetary amounts, for example: four hundred forty-four roubles 00 kopecks.

Transform the number 256 in the string "two hundred and fifty-six". The number of words we write without the use of VBA.

Create a table of contents using the function HYPERLINK()

Manual translation of formulas from English to Russian is always tedious. For example, if you want to translate RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)) RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)). Try to automate the process.

in order to create a calendar for a month, it is enough to write one the array formula.