Convert a numeric value into words in Excel

the number to Convert from text form into normal number of digits: for example, "one hundred and fifty-three" converted to 153.

Solve the problem for numbers from 1 to 999 999.

note: the Inverse problem - conversion of a regular number in the number of words solved in the article the Number of words in MS EXCEL (static version).

To solve the problem using the following algorithm:

  • number of words remove the extra spaces using the function TRIM(),
  •  number of words remove the declination at birth, for example "one thousand" is converted to "one thousand". This will greatly simplify the formulas. For this use the function SUBSTITUTE(),
  • define the position of the word "thousand","thousand","thousand" function SEARCH(),
  • to the left of the word "thousand" is the number of words to thousands, and the right number of units. Use function LEFT() and RIGHT() to extract these numbers,
  • text values from 1 to 999 enter a single range, compare them to the number,
  • using the function VLOOKUP() will extract the number in digital format by specifying the number of words.

note: Formulas can be found in example file below.

TIP: read More about used functions can be read by clicking on the corresponding link at the bottom of the article tab Used feature (under Download sample file).

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