How to flip / reverse a column order vertically (upside down) in Excel

Learn how with formulas to turn to MS EXCEL the column upside down (so that the data located in the last row, began to appear first).

suppose you have a data column (Source column (column A)). In the first cell of the column (A7) contains the value 10, and the last (A16) - a value of 100.

using the formula 


in the adjacent column will receive the inverted column (type this formula into a cell V7 and pull downwards with the help of Token fill).

note: a Source column and the formula can be found in example file.

a Similar result can be achieved using the formula 


More information about used features can be read by clicking on the corresponding link at the bottom of the article in the tab Used feature (under the button Download sample file).

note: to rotate a column, i.e. to transpose it, see Transposing tables in MS EXCEL.

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