Find word in range cells that meet the criterion: an exact match criteria, the match is case-sensitive, the overlap is only part of the symbols of words, etc.

Set Conditional formatting to highlight only the distinct values and is case-sensitive. Ie the values "Smith" and "Smith" will be considered as non-repeatable (different values).

Having a list with duplicate text values, let's create a list containing only unique values. The selection of unique values will be case-sensitive.

Allocate cell that contains the search text is case-sensitive. Consider different options: select the cells containing values identical to the search text, the selection of cells that contain the search text in the beginning, end, or middle of the row.

Find text values that meet a user-defined criterion is case-sensitive. The search will be carried out in the range with duplicate values. In the presence of repetitions, it can be expected that the criterion will correspond to multiple values. Their output is a single range is convenient to use an array formula.

there is developing article ideas Search position in the Text value and displays a corresponding value from next column. For finding the positions of values is case-sensitive, followed by the corresponding value from next column VLOOKUP() cannot be invoked, because it is not case sensitive. The problem can be solved with the aid of the functions DGET(), FINA() or EXACT().

To sum values in one range based on another range, use the function SUMIF(). Consider the case when the criterion is applied the range containing text values.

Determine whether the text string of letters from the Latin alphabet, numbers or UPPERCASE characters. Learn to identify the presence of unwanted characters in a single equation.

Find the position of the third, fourth, etc. occurrence of the character in the word (text string).

Find the number of occurrences of a specific character in a cell range.

Find the number of occurrences of a substring (part of the string, sequence of characters) in the source text string.

Find the number of occurrences of a specific Letter or any symbol in an EXCEL cell.

Letters may be in UPPER and lower case (UPPERCASE and lowercase). Text strings can consist entirely of lowercase or UPPERCASE letters, and letters are in Register (e.g., Title). Learn how to count values with case sensitive.