Numbers in Excel

Numbers in Excel

the section NUMBERS are examples of mathematical operations on numbers using the functions MS EXCEL: add numbers average the calculation modulefinding the maximum and minimum number rounding  counting numbers in the EXCEL cells.

In this section, the convert values to numeric format (e.g. convert text to number), creating rules conditional formatting, range numbers, display currency, percentage, exponential and custom formats.

More in this section the solution of tasks on sorting numbers in tables the formation of number sequences numbering rows and columns in EXCELfind the number closest to a given random number generator precision in EXCEL number of wordsa count of the number columns, rows EXCEL and more.

All tasks are done using only standard functions  EXCEL 2007 or EXCEL 2010. Despite the fact that examples of using VBA in this section, You will be surprised how much can be done by standard means of Microsoft EXCEL (including versions 2003, 2013).

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If the value in cell satisfies a user-specified condition, use the Conditional formatting it is possible to allocate this cell (for example, change its background). In this article, go ahead - will highlight the entire table row containing this cell.

In Excel there are many built-in number formats, but if none of them satisfies the user, then you can create your own number format. For example, the number -5,25 can be displayed as a fraction like 1/4 or -5 (-)of 5.25 or 5.25 - or, more generally, in arbitrary format, for example, ++(5)RUB###25коп. We also consider the formats monetary amounts, percentages and scientific notation.

Perform addition of values in the row fields which satisfy two criteria (And Condition). Consider the Text of the criteria and Numeric criteria in the Date format. Let us consider the function SUMIFS(), the English version of SUMIFS().

Нахождение максимального/ минимального значения - простая задача, но она несколько усложняется, если МАКС/ МИН нужно найти не среди всех значений диапазона, а только среди тех, которые удовлетворяют определенному условию.