Convert to Date

VALUE()the English variant VALUE (), converts a text string into a number (where possible).

the Only purpose of this function DATEVALUE(), the English version of DATEVALUE(), to convert dates stored as text to numbers that correspond to these dates. For example, the formula DATEVALUE("11.09.2009") returns the number 40067, corresponding to 11 September 2009. But, the function DATEVALUE() understands only certain formats. For example, 2009-Sep-11 it does not understand, and 11-St-2009 - understand.

we Continue to struggle in MS EXCEL 2007 automatic conversion of cell format when entering data in a cell. When you enter user data EXCEL tries to determine the type of the input data. If the data can be converted to date format, EXCEL generates the appropriate conversion and formatting. Often text strings do have a date format (2-3-8, i.e., March 2, 2008), but in fact they are not (for example, it might be. article). In this case, you must prevent EXCEL to perform automatic conversion and formatting.

Sometimes when you export the values in EXCEL dates are written in an unknown EXCEL format, for example 20081223 (i.e., 2008, December 23). For the further working with these dates lets convert in the usual EXCEL date format.

Try to convert the specified value to a date. If it succeeds, then we will consider the value of date.

When copying Numerical data to EXCEL from other applications is that the Numbers are saved in Text format. If the worksheet numeric values stored as text, it can lead to errors when performing calculations. In some cases, you can quickly change the text format on numeric in several cells. will Perform this transformation by using paste Special from the clipboard.