Convert to Text

the number to Convert from text form into normal number of digits: for example, "one hundred and fifty-three" converted to 153.

If the cell contains a date or a month number, then using a formula or cell Format, you can display the month name. Also solve the inverse problem: from a text value the name of the month will receive his number.

If a cell contains a value greater than 1000, it is often not necessary to specify exact value, but rather to specify the number of thousands or millions to one decimal place and therefore reduction: thousand or million

TEXT(), the English version TEXT(), converts a number to text and allows you to set the display format using special format strings, for example, the formula =TEXT(100,"0.00.") returns a text string of 100.00 p., and the formula =TEXT(1,"#%") return the text (not number!) 100%. This feature is useful if the number you want to display in a more convenient format or if you want to combine numbers with text or symbols.

FIXED(), the English version FIXED(), kruglae a number to the specified number of decimal digits and returns the result as text.

ROME(), the English version ROMAN(), converts Arabic numbers into Roman, which is returned in a text format.

Write the number in words in Excel no VBA. Supporting bands will be place in your personal macro workbook. In addition, add RUB/kop. for recording monetary amounts, for example: four hundred forty-four roubles 00 kopecks.

Transform the number 256 in the string "two hundred and fifty-six". The number of words we write without the use of VBA.

IN EXCEL easily format the font to display Superscript (x2) and subscript (Al2O3) characters. This can be done by highlighting part of the text in the cell and using the dialog box Format cells / Font (CTRL+SHIFT+F) to apply the desired font formatting. But this approach does not work if the cell is not a value but a formula. And yet, in some cases, there is a solution.

If You need to display the latitude or longitude in the format 56°54'31" (56 degrees 54 minutes 31 seconds) this is an example for You.

When creating formulas to display in the cell phrase containing the text and date, e.g. "Today 02.10.10", it is possible to get such result: "Today 40453", i.e. a date will be reflected in numerical form. Solve the problem by first converting the date to text in the required format.

When creating formulas to display in the cell containing the phrase text, and time, e.g. "it's 10:35", you may experience problems with the correct display of time. Solve the problem by first converting the time to a text value.

In Russia, the record format of money in the form of 123 456 of 789.00 p. In USA the decimal part separated from the whole, not a comma, a dot, and the digits are space and comma. If you want to display monetary amounts in U.S. format $123,456,789.00, you can use a custom format.

When creating formulas to display in the cell containing the text phrase and the number may experience problems with the correct display format of the number. For example, you want to make the phrase "the Weight of 66.00 kg" but it turns out "Mass is 66 kg." Solve the problem by first converting the number to text.

Numeric custom format is the display number specified by the user. For example, the number 5647,22 can be displayed as 005647, or more generally in an arbitrary format, e.g. +(5647)RUB 22коп. Custom formats can also be used in the function TEXT(). This function returns a text value in the desired user.

EXCEL stores and performs calculations with accuracy of 15 significant digits. Therefore, can not enter the 20-digit the number without having to EXCEL automatically rounded it up to 100 thousand Use text format to display such numbers.