Custom Number format in EXCEL

If a cell contains a value greater than 1000, it is often not necessary to specify exact value, but rather to specify the number of thousands or millions to one decimal place and therefore reduction: thousand or million

In one cell you can display 2 values. In fact, it certainly will be one text value, but looks like two.

Sometimes you want to hide values equal to 0. Do this a few ways.

To display 0 instead of the symbol ? (crossed out 0) use the custom format # ##0,00,-# ##0,00,?.

In Russia, the record format of money in the form of 123 456 of 789.00 p. In USA the decimal part separated from the whole, not a comma, a dot, and the digits are space and comma. If you want to display monetary amounts in U.S. format $123,456,789.00, you can use a custom format.

If you have a table with sensitive information (credit card numbers, numbers personal phone numbers, insurance policies) to third parties you can customize the display only the last digits of the number.

Using the Format cells the @ symbol you can display in the space provided to enter numbers, text string. To calculate this line will not be affected, because we will apply a custom format. This approach can be used for comments and prompts to the user (does Not work in MS EXCEL 2010).

When creating formulas to display in the cell containing the text phrase and the number may experience problems with the correct display format of the number. For example, you want to make the phrase "the Weight of 66.00 kg" but it turns out "Mass is 66 kg." Solve the problem by first converting the number to text.

Numeric custom format is the display number specified by the user. For example, the number 5647,22 can be displayed as 005647, or more generally in an arbitrary format, e.g. +(5647)RUB 22коп. Custom formats can also be used in the function TEXT(). This function returns a text value in the desired user.

In Excel there are many built-in number formats, but if none of them satisfies the user, then you can create your own number format. For example, the number -5,25 can be displayed as a fraction like 1/4 or -5 (-)of 5.25 or 5.25 - or, more generally, in arbitrary format, for example, ++(5)RUB###25коп. We also consider the formats monetary amounts, percentages and scientific notation.