Dates and times in Excel

Dates and times in Excel

from the DATES given examples of dates and times in MS EXCEL: the definition of seniority, counting of work months, number of working days how to enter in EXCEL the current date and time.

in Addition to the calculation of any range of date and time (hour, day, week, month, quarter, year), counting the number of days between dates in EXCEL in the section are problem-solving convert date EXCEL to compare dates, compute the nearest and the current date in EXCEL. for Example, you can determine the nearest day of the week or the closest day to a user-specified date.

Much attention is paid to the sorting of date and time, compiling and working with the sequence of dates and times, drawing up calendars, and lists of dates. Look at the tools Progression.

of Course, this section presents examples and a detailed analysis of the problems using formulas such dates as RASHAT (date difference in EXCEL), VRASNA (to convert the date to text), DATE (current date), WORKDAY (working day), COMESANA (end of month) and others. Now available is not just a set of solved problems using these functions, but detailed description of these functions, with recommendations for their use for a particular problem:

Great attention in the section on formatting dates. Indeed, the date format in EXCEL "March 25, 2011" can be easily converted into "25.Mar" or "2011, March" or "PT" or even "40627"! This topic describes how to allocate Conditional formatting dates relating to weekends, to holidays or other important dates or times for a user.

In addition this section contains tasks for converting dates and times in EXCEL in textual and numeric form, and their reverse conversion.

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For computing the duration of time intervals it is more convenient to use the undocumented function RASHAT(), the English version DATEDIF().

If the value in cell satisfies a user-specified condition, use the Conditional formatting it is possible to allocate this cell (for example, change its background). In this article, go ahead - will highlight the entire table row containing this cell.

EXCEL stores TIME in numerical form (fractional part of the number). For example, of 0.75 corresponds to 18:00, 0,5 - 12:00. If, for some reason, the TIME values stored in decimal form, for example, 10.5 hours, they can be converted into the standard time format (hours : minutes : seconds). The article also shows how to convert the number of 1800 to 18:00.

When creating formulas to display in the cell phrase containing the text and date, e.g. "Today 02.10.10", it is possible to get such result: "Today 40453", i.e. a date will be reflected in numerical form. Solve the problem by first converting the date to text in the required format.

a Custom format is the display format for the value specified by the user. For example, the date 13/01/2010 can be displayed as: 13.01.2010 or 2010_01_13 or 13-Jan-10.

When copying Numerical data to EXCEL from other applications is that the Numbers are saved in Text format. If the worksheet numeric values stored as text, it can lead to errors when performing calculations. In some cases, you can quickly change the text format on numeric in several cells. will Perform this transformation by using paste Special from the clipboard.