Date searching

using the function VLOOKUP() you can search in a table column

Find in the table the greatest date that is less than or equal to a specified (nearest bottom). And of all the dates in the table will take into account only those that relate to a particular product (condition). The list can be primary.

Consider a sales table consisting of columns, sale date and Amount. Because the day may be a few sales, then a column of dates contains duplicates. Specifying as search criteria the date, find the line number which contains the date and amount of the last sale (i.e. the last repetition of the date specified in the criteria). Find the sum of first and last sale on that day.

suppose you have a list of certain events, such as holidays. Find the nearest event, which hasn't happened yet.

Let there be range with dates. Find date in this range which is closest to a given. The solution to this problem is similar to solution described in the article Find the NUMBERS closest to a given.