Enter EXCEL formulas

Usually formulas directly entered into cells, but you can pre-assigning the formula to use in cell its name. What are the benefits of a named formula read in this article.

In EXCEL formulas you can refer to another cell using its address. The cell address in the formula you can write in different ways, for example: A1 or $A1 or $A$1. How you enter the address in the formula will depend on how it will be modified when it is copied to other cells in the worksheet. Understanding types of links is very important as when building a regular formula in the worksheet, and when Named-formulas job rules Conditional formatting and the formation conditions data Validation.

Applies the EXCEL for the search and selection of cells containing and NOT containing formulae.

When writing complex formulas, such as =IF(AVERAGE(A2:A10)&gt,200,sum(B2:B10),0), it is often necessary to obtain an intermediate calculation result of the formula. There is a special tool to Calculate the formula.

the formula bar is the bar at the top of the Excel window that you use to enter and edit values or formulas in the worksheet cells. In the formula bar displays the value or formula contained in the active cell.

Sometimes typing the formula and pressing ENTER the user sees in the cell is not the result of the calculation formula and the formula itself. The reason - Text format to the cell. Show how to get the formula to work.

If cell G1 the formula to sum the values in column D (=SUM(D2:D10)), when you insert a new column between And D formula will automatically change to =SUM(E2:E10) that is definitely properly and comfortably. However, it is sometimes necessary to have a formula that always references the same column, regardless of the modifications of the sheet, for example, when inserting values in the fourth column (i.e., D) program (VBA macro).

Use Field Name (located to the left of the formula bar) to quickly enter functions from the list of last 10 used.

On a worksheet with many formulas, it is often difficult to navigate. For example, to remove unnecessary formulas have to find them first. To search formulas on a worksheet in EXCEL there are a number of interesting tools.

When composing complex formulas, it can be useful to quickly learn the intermediate result of the calculations made a part of the formula.

If a cell contains a long formula, with the help ofthe creed line Break (ALT+ENTER) convenient to display it in multiple lines in the box formula bar.  

to avoid user temptation to change the formula, it is possible to hide them.