EXCEL Data Validation

When entering large amounts of information in a table cell is easy to make a mistake. In EXCEL there is a tool to validate the data immediately after pressing ENTER – the data Validation.

When filling the cell with data, it is often necessary to restrict the option of entering a specific list of values. For example, there is a cell where the user must enter the name of the Department, pointing out where he works. Logical, first create a list of departments in an organization and allow the user only to select values from this list. This approach will help to speed up the entry process and reduce the number of misprints.

Sometimes user needs to limit the opportunity for the input of a specific pattern. For example, when writing articles it is known that the correct article has a length of 6 characters, starts with a Latin letter, followed by 4 digits, then 1 letter in Russian. Teach EXCEL to block the entry of data corresponding to this template.

Use the tool data Validation to prevent the user from entering incorrect values in MS EXCEL.