Format in MS EXCEL

Format in MS EXCEL

In Microsoft Office Excel (2007, 2010, 2013), you can modify the output data in cells and tables. for Example, you can specify the number of digits to the right of the decimal point and for date to limit the output to only years. you can Also add pattern and cell borders.

These and many other parameters of the cell can be changed in the dialog box Format cells. Withsports articles from this section contain information about each of the settings available in the dialog box Format cells. Also describes how each parameter affects the way data appears in Excel.


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Conditional formatting is one of the most useful tools in EXCEL. The ability to use it can save the user a lot of time and effort.

the quickest way to ensure that the contents of the cells to be visible is to use a mechanism AUTOFIT column width/ row height based on its content.

If the value in cell satisfies a user-specified condition, use the Conditional formatting it is possible to allocate this cell (for example, change its background). In this article, go ahead - will highlight the entire table row containing this cell.

If the text is contained in merged cells, AUTOFIT the row height does not work.