ADDRESS(), the English version of the ADDRESS () returns the address of the cell in the worksheet that has row and column. For example, the formula ADDRESS(2,3) returns the value $C$2.

()the English version AND (), checks on the validity of the conditions and returns TRUE if all conditions true or FALSE if at least one is false.

Function AVERAGE(), the English version AVERAGE(), returns the arithmetic average of its arguments. Also discussed the function AVERAGEA(), the English version AVERAGEA()

Find the average of all cells whose values match a certain criterion. For this purpose, there is a simple and effective function AVERAGEIF(), the English version AVERAGEIF(), which first appeared in EXCEL 2007.

CELL(), the English version of CELL() returns information about the formatting, the address or contents of a cell. The function can return information about the format of the cell, thereby eliminating in some cases the need to use VBA. Function is particularly useful if you want to display in the cell file with full path.

Function CHOOSE(), the English version of CHOOSE(), returns the value from the specified list of arguments-values in accordance with a specified index. For example, the formula =CHOOSE(2,"ONE","TWO","THREE") will return the value TWO. Here 2 - this index value, and "ONE","TWO","THREE" is the first, second and third argument, respectively,.

CODE()English version CODE(), returns the numeric code of the first character in a text string.

Objective function COLUMN()the English version COLUMN(), - return the column number. Formula =COLUMN(B1) returns 2, because column B the second column of the worksheet.

Count the number of cells containing the numbers using options ACCOUNT(), the English version of COUNT(). Assume that the range contains numbers or numeric values in text format. 

Count the number of cells containing any value using the function COUNTA(), the English version COUNTA(). Assume that the range contains the number values in text format, error values, blank cells, the values of the Empty text "".