Матрицы в Excel

Calculate the determinant (determinant) of a matrix using the function MAPRED() or English. MDETERM, decomposition by row/column (3 x 3) and definition (up to 6 order).

To calculate the inverse matrix in MS EXCEL there is a function mobr() or English. MINVERSE.

this article describes the operation of matrix multiplication using the function AMNOG() or English.MMULT and using other formulas and the properties of associativity and distributivity of multiplication of matrices. Examples solved in MS EXCEL.

Transpose matrix  is an operation on a matrix in which its rows and columns are interchanged. For this operation in MS EXCEL there is a function TRANSPOSE() or eng. TRANSPOSE.

this article describes the operations of addition and subtraction on matrices of the same order, and the operations of multiplication of a matrix by the number. Examples solved in MS EXCEL.