If the cell contains a date or a month number, then using a formula or cell Format, you can display the month name. Also solve the inverse problem: from a text value the name of the month will receive his number.

EOMONTH(), English version of EOMONTH (), returns the last day of the month. Formula =EOMONTH("15/01/2011",0) returns the date 31/01/2011.

MONTH()the English version MONTH (), returns the month corresponding to the given date. A month is defined as an integer in the range 1 (January) to 12 (December).

EDATE(), the English version EDATE(), insuradet a date that is a specified number of months forward or backward from a given date.

Find a date that from the initial date to a specified number of months.

Define the number of days in a given month using the function EOMONTH().

First day of the month can be determined using the function DATE() or EOMONTH().

Last day of the month is determined using the function EOMONTH().

When calculating time intervals, the result may turn out in years with a fraction of (6.9 years). Determine how many months is 0.9 years. the Result is written in the form: 6 years / 10 months.

Define the last Tuesday of the month, the last Friday or last Wednesday.

given date 01/03/2011. Write a formula to determine which order is the day of the week in this month. Answer: the first Tuesday of March.

Define the date on which the account first Tuesday of the month, the second Friday or third Wednesday of the month.

Find the number of days remaining until the end of the month.

Count the number of months worked in the year. A month is considered as spent if the person worked there for more than 15 working days.

Determine how many full months have passed since a specific date until today (or until a specified end).

Determine how many years, months and days have passed since a certain date, and also solve the inverse problem.

Determine how much a full (calendar) months have passed since the beginning of the year. If today 5/8/2009, since the beginning of the year, after 7 full months.