Multiple data modification

Often, especially when importing data into EXCEL on the worksheet to form tables with COMPLETELY blank lines. Learn how to quickly remove these unwanted lines that can make it difficult to work with the table.

Conditional formatting there are data belonging to different months.

using Conditional formatting possible to distinguish data belonging to different groups.

Often EXCEL is used not only for calculations and data analysis, but also for the preparation of various reports. Sometimes you want the data belonging to different sections of the table got on different pages of the report. Charge EXCEL manually set the page breaks depending on the data in our table. Use this tool for Intermediate results.

When copying Numerical data to EXCEL from other applications is that the Numbers are saved in Text format. If the worksheet numeric values stored as text, it can lead to errors when performing calculations. In some cases, you can quickly change the text format on numeric in several cells. will Perform this transformation by using paste Special from the clipboard.

Instead of having to enter duplicate data in the table often leave a blank cell. The presence of empty cells in the table difficult to use filters, sorting and building Pivot tables. Fill the blank cells with values from the upstream cells.

Often have to look in the worksheet cells containing the formulas, Conditional formatting, data Validation or simply a blank cell. This and more can be found quickly using the Selection tool, the group of cells.

Sometimes you need to enter the same values in the incoherent range of cells. Show how to do it quickly.

merged cells can cause incorrect operation of such tools as filter, Pivot tables, etc. Learn how to quickly find the cell.

Quick fold/ divide/ multiply numeric values from a cell range into a user-specified number. This approach allows to reduce or increase the length of numbers in the selected range, quickly allocate VAT, etc.