Error in Excel

Error in Excel

this section presents the materials describing the various errors in Excel: as a user error and error of the program itself. The most common standard error in Excel - error in formulas. In line with this, we conducted the separation of the errors in Excel in different classes.

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If grid data is sometimes necessary to restrict the option of entering a specific list of values. For example, when filling out the statement enter the names of the employees from the keyboard can be replaced by selection from a predefined list (transcript).

Function IFERROR(), English version of IFERROR(), preverae the expression on the equality of values #N/A, #VALUE!, #REF!, #DIV/0!, #NUM!, #NAME? or #NULL! If the test expression or the value in the cell contains an error, the function return is defined for this value, otherwise the evaluation result of an expression, or contents of a cell.

Function ENA(), the English version of the ISNA(), preveral on the equality of the value of #N/A (value not available) and returns depending on this TRUE or FALSE.

Function ISERROR(), English version of ISERROR(), preveral on the equality of the values #N/A, #VALUE!, #REF!, #DIV/0!, #NUM!, #NAME? or #NULL! and returns depending on this TRUE or FALSE.