Pivot tables and spreadsheet analysis

Consider the analysis of the tables in the NeoNeuro PIVOT TABLE. This program allows you to create  pivot table chart and report in just a few seconds. 

Summary tables required for the summation, analysis and presentation of data in "big" the original tables, in different ways. Consider the process of creating a simple PivotTable.

Often the chart you want to display, not all values from the source table, but only those that meet certain criteria. To build this chart, you can use the formula. In this case, you must first create a separate table for data that meet specified conditions.

Often the chart you want to display all of the data, but only part, and the user should be able to choose the position and size of the viewport. To build such a diagram you can use the function OFFSET().

For the analysis of large and complex tables are usually used Pivot tables. Using formulas you can also implement a grouping and analysis of the available data. Create simple reports by using formulas.