Search in MS Excel

Search in MS Excel

In Microsoft Excel, ranging from the first versions and up-to-date Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, search functions values is well developed. Because the search tasks in Excel one of the most popular: search for numbers, text, dates, locations, and positions in the list. A separate item worth "the solver in Excel", which You can learn also in this section.

Also in this section You will find answers to popular questions:

  • find a value in Excel;
  • Search in the cell;
  • the Search string.
  • Search in table

and many other answers by searching to Excel. Keep up the good work and search!

Most popular articles in this section

Allocate cells containing the text. Consider different options: select the cells containing values identical to the search text, the selection of cells that contain the search text in the beginning, end, or middle of the row. Learn how to highlight a cell if its value matches with one of multiple specified values.

Find the line number of the last filled cell in column a and the list. The row number of the find the value.

Find text values that match the given user criteria. The search will be carried out in the range with duplicate values. In the presence of repetitions, it can be expected that the criterion will correspond to multiple values. Their output is a single range is convenient to use an array formula.

Find address of cell containing maximum value in the list.