Working in Excel

working in Excel

this section contains various practical techniques for working in Excel. The knowledge of these "bricks" will allow You to work in Excel faster and more productive. The main blocks presented in the section:

  • Working with data in Excel;
  • Working with formulas in Excel;
  • Work with function keys in Excel;
  • Working with sheet Excel.
  • Working with drawings and figures;to Excel.

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Often, especially when importing data into EXCEL on the worksheet to form tables with COMPLETELY blank lines. Learn how to quickly remove these unwanted lines that can make it difficult to work with the table.

In EXCEL formulas you can refer to another cell using its address. The cell address in the formula you can write in different ways, for example: A1 or $A1 or $A$1. How you enter the address in the formula will depend on how it will be modified when it is copied to other cells in the worksheet. Understanding types of links is very important as when building a regular formula in the worksheet, and when Named-formulas job rules Conditional formatting and the formation conditions data Validation.

Inserting multiple rows into a table it just?

Quick fold/ divide/ multiply numeric values from a cell range into a user-specified number. This approach allows to reduce or increase the length of numbers in the selected range, quickly allocate VAT, etc.