Rounding and Precision in EXCEL

Округление и точность чисел и значений в EXCEL

Write a formula to round numbers to one significant figure. For example, 0,00234271 to 0.002, 0,01613 to 0.02. The same formula will round 233,64 to 200, 2563,6 to 3000. 

If a cell contains a value greater than 1000, it is often not necessary to specify exact value, but rather to specify the number of thousands or millions to one decimal place and therefore reduction: thousand or million

Retrieve the number of 5,324 fractional part, i.e., 0,324, as well as its integer part.

Round the time to the nearest 15 minutes.

Retrieve the number of 123 456 789 units (789), tens (8) hundreds (7), thousand (456) and millions (123).

EXCEL stores and performs calculations with accuracy of 15 significant digits. Therefore, can not enter the 20-digit the number without having to EXCEL automatically rounded it up to 100 thousand Use text format to display such numbers.

the Reason for rounding off numerical values may be the limit of precision adopted in EXCEL.

to Round to the nearest 0,01, 0,1, 1, 10, 100 is not difficult – for this there is a function round(). But if you want to round, for example, to the nearest multiple of 50?