Sheet modification

When you delete a row of the form controls (check Box, scroll bar, Counter) remain on the sheet. If you want to delete them together with a string, use the group by controls and/or Shapes.

Create a table of contents using the function HYPERLINK()

When pasting the EXCEL sheet the text from WORD that contains several paragraphs and tab characters, the text is inserted into several cells. Let us consider why this is so.

Define the worksheet name using the function CELL().

When you import the contents of the web pages on the EXCEL sheet can get a lot of unnecessary objects: symbols, controls, tables, forms. Some of these objects can be hidden. Learn how to display these objects and then delete them.

Inserting multiple rows into a table it just?

If the sheet is not frequently used, it is possible to hide it does not interfere with the display of tabs of the other sheets. If necessary it can be displayed via the menu item. Sheet you can hide "more", so it can be displayed only from editor VBE.

sheet there are a number of options that affect its appearance: the grid, column headers, etc.

On a worksheet containing lot of data and tables, it is often difficult to find the necessary information. Use standard search CTRL+F to search for data only in the desired range of cells in EXCEL worksheet.

using the mouse wheel and keys CTRL you can quickly change the display scale of a sheet EXCEL.

Quickly remove multiple hyperlinks.