Sort text values

Sort formula table consisting of 2 columns. Sorting will be done on one of the columns of the table (choose 2 tasks: sorting a table according to numeric and sort by the text column). Sort formula set up so that when new data is added to the source table, sorted table is changed dynamically. This will allow you to always have a sorted table without user intervention. Will also do a two-level sort: first by a numeric, then (repeating numbers) - text column.

Sorting the list can be done via menu Data/ group Sort and filter/ Sorting. In case, if the original list is constantly introducing new values, to maintain the list in sorted condition, the user needs each time to manually sort the list via the menu, which is not always convenient. It is much easier to have dynamically controlsize list. The list consists of text values.

There is a list (range) with text values, you need to sort it by descending length of the string.

Sort the source array of text values in a random order.