Table modification

Often, especially when importing data into EXCEL on the worksheet to form tables with COMPLETELY blank lines. Learn how to quickly remove these unwanted lines that can make it difficult to work with the table.

Sort formula table consisting of 2 columns. Sorting will be done on one of the columns of the table (choose 2 tasks: sorting a table according to numeric and sort by the text column). Sort formula set up so that when new data is added to the source table, sorted table is changed dynamically. This will allow you to always have a sorted table without user intervention. Will also do a two-level sort: first by a numeric, then (repeating numbers) - text column.

Sometimes you need to "flip" the table, i.e. to change columns and rows.

suppose you have a table of names of shoes. Each name Shoe (column number 1) is repeated as many times as it has different sizes (column No. 2). Sometimes you need to "flip" not the entire table, but only one column number 2. So now we will have the column names of the shoes (without repetitions), and horizontal - list sizes. Transposition will produce the formulas.

Calculate subtotals in MS EXCEL table. For example, the table contains sales information for several different categories of goods calculate the cost of each category.

When you delete a row of the form controls (check Box, scroll bar, Counter) remain on the sheet. If you want to delete them together with a string, use the group by controls and/or Shapes.

Inserting multiple rows into a table it just?

to change the table columns in some places, press SHIFT.