Table in MS EXCEL

Table in MS EXCEL

a table in MS Excel (any version: 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013) is the main "battleground" and represents a set of rows and columns of a worksheet that contains related data. Functions working with tables allows you to manage data located in different rows and columns. In this section You will get answers to the following questions:

  • How to create (make) a table;
  • How to insert table;
  • How to modify and/or delete table;
  • How to calculate intermediate results;
  • How to format a table

and a lot of other answers on how to work with tables in Excel.

data Management can be done in one table, but if you want to manage several groups of data, you can create based on the source table, one or more Pivot tables.

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Summary tables required for the summation, analysis and presentation of data in "big" the original tables, in different ways. Consider the process of creating a simple PivotTable.

Often, especially when importing data into EXCEL on the worksheet to form tables with COMPLETELY blank lines. Learn how to quickly remove these unwanted lines that can make it difficult to work with the table.

the quickest way to ensure that the contents of the cells to be visible is to use a mechanism AUTOFIT column width/ row height based on its content.

If the value in cell satisfies a user-specified condition, use the Conditional formatting it is possible to allocate this cell (for example, change its background). In this article, go ahead - will highlight the entire table row containing this cell.