Learn how with formulas to turn to MS EXCEL the column upside down (so that the data located in the last row, began to appear first).

suppose you have 5 columns of data. In each column of 10 numbers, you need to find the sum of numbers in each column. Usually the final value is displayed at the bottom of the column, or on its header, so all totals are in the same line. But when too many columns, the totals of the columns to display in a single column, and not to place them under data. Write a formula that helps to make this conversion.

Sometimes you need to "flip" the table, i.e. to change columns and rows.

Transpose matrix  is an operation on a matrix in which its rows and columns are interchanged. For this operation in MS EXCEL there is a function TRANSPOSE() or eng. TRANSPOSE.

suppose you have a table of names of shoes. Each name Shoe (column number 1) is repeated as many times as it has different sizes (column No. 2). Sometimes you need to "flip" not the entire table, but only one column number 2. So now we will have the column names of the shoes (without repetitions), and horizontal - list sizes. Transposition will produce the formulas.

TRANSPOSE(), in the English version TRANSPOSE(), converts a vertical range of cells to horizontal and Vice versa. Learn to transpose (rotate) columns, rows, and ranges of values.