Week, day of the week

Determine the day of week for a given date in the cell. There are several solutions depending on the result we want to obtain: the day of the week (1 - Mon 2 - Tue, ...) and text form (Monday, Tuesday, ...) or you can simply change the cell format.

WEEKDAY(), the English version of the WEEKDAY(), insuradet day of the week corresponding to the date. Default day of the week is determined as an integer between 1 (Sunday) to 7 (Saturday).

WEEKNUM(), English version of WEEKNUM (), returns a number that indicates what week of the year accounts for the specified date.

Calculate the number of days contained in the date range. Dates entered in worksheet cells. Weekend days are Saturday and Sunday (holidays not included).

Determine the date of the next Saturday before a specified day. Ie if today 25.11.2014 (Tuesday), the nearest last Saturday - 22.11.2014. Also define the date nearest Saturday after a specified day, and just date is the nearest Saturday.

using Conditional formatting to highlight the background of cells containing days of the week Saturday and Sunday, red.

Define the last Tuesday of the month, the last Friday or last Wednesday.

Define Monday or Sunday of the current week. A week will set a date.

given date 01/03/2011. Write a formula to determine which order is the day of the week in this month. Answer: the first Tuesday of March.

Define the date on which the account first Tuesday of the month, the second Friday or third Wednesday of the month.

If you know the week number, you can find the date of the last day of this week.

There are 2 ways of determining week numbers: in line with ISO standard and using functions WEEKNUM().