Wildcards (*, ?)

Find word in range cells that meet the criterion: an exact match criteria, the match is case-sensitive, the overlap is only part of the symbols of words, etc.

Find text values that match the given user criteria. Criteria defined with the wildcards. The search will be carried out in the range with duplicate values. In the presence of repetitions, it can be expected that the criterion will correspond to multiple values. Their output is a single range is convenient to use an array formula.

To sum values in one range based on another range, use the function SUMIF(). Consider the case when the criterion is applied the range containing text values.

To count values that meet a certain criteria, there is a simple and effective function COUNTIF(). If the only criterion, then its functionality  is enough to count and string and numeric values. And the ability to use wildcards *, ? for searching text values, make COUNTIF() a powerful search tool.

Wildcards (* and ?) you can use Conditional formatting the criteria Advanced filter in some functions, and when searching and replacing Text values with the regular EXCEL tools.